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Great Performances

30 Dec

Last night I watched an episode of Great Performances on PBS.  It featured the LA Philharmonic Orchestra, directed by Gustavo Dudamel, and also Peruvian opera tenor Juan Diego Florez.  In one word it was AWESOME.  Both of these performers are incredibly talented and they are able to completely draw you into the music.  I highly recommend that you catch it next time it is on or that you go to and watch the episode at your leisure.  You will not be disappointed.

On a related note while you are at, you might also want to check out the latest episode of  “Tavis Miley Reports” which is a feature story about Gustavo Dudamel. When you watch the interview it becomes obvious that Gustavo Dudamel has a been blessed with a very special gift for music, it literally jumps of the screen.  The episode discusses Gustavo’s appointment as director of the LA Philharmonic and the effect of the Venezuelan educational model which emphasizes access to musical training for all children.  Including how at least one charter school here in the U.S. has adapted that model for american children.