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Looking ahead to 2011

26 Dec

It is unfortunate that the Dream Act did not pass in this last session of congress.  However, since its structure and goal are both fair and reasonable it certainly should be part of any comprehensive immigration reform package.  These young men and women represent much of what is best about this country; determination, commitment, perseverance, love of God, family and country. And to quote Paul Gigot, “I don’t see any Ivy league kids lining up to defend the country.” 

I also predict that Sen. John Kyl will co-sponsor the first major comprehensive immigration reform bill.  While I am not a Republican, I have to say that he has most certainly raised the level of his game.  This is in stark contrast to his colleague, Sen. McCain who seems to have simply decided to oppose whatever comes out of the White House.  Sen. Kyl has positioned himself to become the main voice on immigration in the Republican party and I don’t see any indication why he won’t take on that mantle.


Interesting Day in AZ

12 Aug
So America’s toughest sheriff and his helper, former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, were confronted with their dirty laundry today by the current county attorney Rick Romely.  Their approach to law enforcement would be laughable if it was not such a serious attack on the rule of law and the individual freedoms guaranteed to us by the constitution.  If you are curious and want to read more about you can check out either the Arizona Republic or the Phoenix New Times websites.  If I would put the odds that one or both of those men will be indicted by a federal grand jury at 60-40. 
Stay Tuned America.

First time out of the box.

11 Aug

I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to come up with a name for the blog.  Apparently a lot people come up with the same kind of stuff that I do.  It doesn’t  hurt to get your balloon popped every now and then.